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  Commercial Installation
We have installers specifically trained in the commercial products and services we offer. We have a long list of satisfied customers who trust us to provide the type of quality products and services a commercial installation requires.

Whether your needs involve the installation of a muti-television hospitality system, Intrusion Detection, Fire Detection, Surveillance, Access Control or climate control and automation, we can help design a system an a budget the fits your needs - and most importantly, we will deliver it on time!

With nearly 30 years in the alarm industry, Carolina Audio Video Solution has the experience to service or install a system specifically tailored to your needs.
If you own a sports bar, or any environment with a multi-television video system, you really need to give us a call. Our specialty is designing affordable control systems any operator can easily learn. And control as many televisions or sources as you may have.

    Our commercial services include (but are not limited to):
  • Prewire services: Networking, Audio, Video, Security and Fiber Optic cables
  • Design consultation: If timing is critical, the design process is the most important part of the process.
  • Audio: Background music, boardrooms and hospitality spaces are our specialties.
  • Video: Whether you want to utilize one of today's mega sized, ultra high-definition TVs or a tried and true projection/screen system, we are excited to help design the right system for your budget.
  • Networking: We offer high-end networking products that can create an expansive mult-user, high-speed wireless network.
  • Security: Surveilance, Intrusion Detection, Access Control, Fire Detection, Lockdown Systems and Maglock Lockdown Systems are all part of our nearly 30 years in the alarm industry.
  • Lighting: Automated lighting systems are our specialty - it takes a higher level of expertise to work with today's LED fixtures - we can help.
  • Shades: We have access to an extensive line of custom shade options to suit any need - custom prints, sizes and designs help create impressive presentations in boardrooms or any room that can benefit from powered shade controls.
  • Climate control: Integrating thermostats, occupancy sensors and scheduled activities set the perfect environment, help save on energy and remove the human element from creating a professional workplace environment.
  • Automation: Simple controls allow any user/presenter to use your A/V system, and avoid embarrassing delays or hassles during a presentation.

Your installation, time frame and budget will be our priority - Please give us a call to schedule an appointment to go over your needs.

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