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  Mobile Installation
We began doing mobile installs when one of our clients was in desperate need of service on their boat. Having built a reputation for prompt, reliable service, they were glad when we accepted the last minute task to look into coming up with a solution.

The end result was a system that functioned better than the original, that was installed on time, on budget, and functioned in a similar manner to the system we designed for their home.
(note: we do not do car, or passenger vehicle installations)

Our mobile installations are very similar to the home installations we offer - with a few obvious exceptions. The equipment we use can often be used in either environment - the key is using reliable, well tested products that won't leave you without the use of the system when you want it most.
    Our Mobile design and installation services include (but are not limited to):
  • Wiring services: Audio, Video, Security and Fiber Optic cables
  • Design consultation: Assuming repair services will be difficult at best, designing a bullet-proof system for a mobile installation is a must!
  • Mobile Networking: Let us create an expansive wireless network - critical in today's mobile environment.
  • Audio: When travelling, the audio system is undoubtedly the most important aspect of any system we install - make it one you'll enjoy.
  • Video: Mobile video installations can be unique - let us design a system that suits your needs.
  • Automation: Simple operation is a must for most mobile installs - many options are available - let us work with you to choose the best combination of convenience and features.

We realize your life runs on a schedule, we can work on a timeframe that suits your needs, and causes little or no interruption in your lifestyle - Give us a call to schedule an appointment to go over your needs.

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